Eggs and Bugs

Easter weekend. Full of chocolate, family fun and holding bugs. Yes, that’s right… bugs. We had our first proper family day out of the year on Easter Monday by visiting Bugtopia located at Hornsea Freeport and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It has a ‘Jungle’ that you can walk around to see various types of creepy crawlies in their enclosures whilst lots of beautiful Butterflies and Birds fly around you, and there’s also a Stick Insect bit to walk through. Munchkin1 was a little unsure at first, especially as the butterflies swooped close to her, but by the third time we walked around (you can go back in as many times as you like) she was much more relaxed about them coming so near. She was very interested in all of the bugs and even helped us look for how many stick insects we could find…

“Oh, Mummy! Mummy! I’ve found one… look!” *points towards the floor*

“No darling, that’s just a stick!”

And then we got to handle some bugs. First up was a stick insect, and Munchkin1 (being second in line, next to her Daddy) was sticking out her arm to hold it before the lady was even ready to start going round everyone. Even after she had her turn and everyone else in the room was getting to hold it she was asking to have it back. Next was a millipede which barely fit in her tiny hands but that didn’t stop her laughing at all its legs tickling her. Then came a giant snail, which again was huge in her little hands. It was a good job I had mine underneath hers for support as she is quite funny about her hands being mucky or sticky etc (yes I know, she’s a strange toddler) so she quickly removed her hands and moaned “Daddy… my hands are slimy”. As the lady put the snail back in his home and talked to us about our final bug, I repeated to myself in my head “Please don’t be a spider” only for her to present us with a lovely tarantula! Although I didn’t hold it I certainly made myself proud by not freaking out when it was so close to me, and I did touch its leg at the end of the talk after building up some confidence.

Munchkin1, however, was thankfully the complete opposite to her scaredy-cat mother and was once again eagerly holding out her arms for it to be placed in her hands. I’ve always told myself I don’t want my children to be scared of things they don’t need to be like I am, so it made me so happy that she loved every second of this experience and that she was excited to hold everything. And the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing at the oversized goggles constantly sliding down her face onto her chin certainly helped me to keep calm whilst she held the spider.

After having a little walk around and eating some rather disappointing fish and chips in Hornsea, we made our way home to crack on with eating her way through the mountain of Easter eggs and chocolate she had received at the weekend. We were surprised she even stayed awake for the drive home as she was shattered, but that didn’t stop her wanting to stay up a little longer. Usually my little Munchkin goes to bed with absolutely no trouble and falls asleep pretty much instantly; yet this night she decided to try everything in the book to not have to go to sleep… even shouting

“Daddy, Mummy… I want to hold a bug!”


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