Munchkin and the Bump

So with me being very pregnant with Munchkin2 I thought I would write a post about my experience of pregnancy whilst looking after a toddler. Considering she’s only 2 years old, Munchkin1 has an extremely good understanding about the fact that there is a baby growing inside my tummy and that one day it will come out and live with us. (Please note… although she knows it will come out, she has absolutely no idea or interest in how, thank god!) She has accompanied me to every appointment except the first, and even now knows how the appointments go that she reminds the midwives how to do their jobs!

“My Mummy lay down on the bed now. Have to listen to baby.”

“Mummy give her your arm!” (Midwife had just grabbed the blood pressure monitor)

She is also very protective of me and my bump. Back when we had the scan done she became very concerned when the Sonographer pushed the ultrasound probe a bit further into my abdomen and almost jumped off her Daddy’s knee as she shouted “No, don’t hurt my baby!” And whenever I have shown any sign of being exhausted or in a bit of pain (usually pelvic girdle pain) she has always been quick to come and cuddle me and check I’m alright!

As much as I love being a Mummy it does have it’s difficult days, and sometimes pregnancy has made it that little bit more difficult because of things like morning sickness, exhaustion and the gradual inability to reach down past the huge baby bump to put your own socks on never mind pick up a toy. Throughout my pregnancy I have tried my hardest to still do as much as I can with Munchkin1, but some days I’ve had to surrender to my bodies need to rest and cuddle up on the sofa watching endless Disney films or the annoying yet life saving horror that is CBeebies! As my due date has crept nearer I have felt more and more guilty every time I have to say “Sorry sweetie I can’t sit on the floor with you” or “Mummy can’t carry you darling”, and no longer being able to run around after her at the park or soft play broke my heart.

Like I mentioned earlier her level of understanding is amazing, and a good thing about this whole experience is that it has helped with her personal development and has taught her so much. Her confidence and social skills have grown, and she’s always asking me questions about baby and then telling other people about it. Everywhere we go she jumps at the opportunity to tell people that there’s a baby in Mummy’s tummy that is growing every day and will come out when it’s ready. Watching her show an interest and get excited about becoming a big sister just makes me so overwhelmingly proud; and of course the pregnancy hormones usually make my eyes flood with happy tears! She cuddles and kisses my bump, sings songs and talks to it, says goodnight and orders Daddy to do the same, and randomly pokes my boob at times asking me if there’s enough milk in there for baby!

All these little things she does not only show me that she will make a fantastic big sister but they also make all the difficult moments (the pain, the sickness and tiredness etc) just fade away into the distance! So although it has been hard at times, being pregnant whilst looking after a toddler, it has mostly been easier than my first pregnancy because I’ve had Munchkin1 making my smile and laugh every single day!

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