And then there were 2…

So finally, 15 days past my due date, Munchkin2 made his appearance into the world and I now have a beautiful baby boy! Of course he is most definitely worth the wait, but I’m not going to lie, I did start to go a little crazy! I had to wait for a bed on the labour ward for my waters to be broken and it seemed like an age passed by before there was finally one available. And because I was so overdue I had to go back to be monitored until there was a bed; then ended up being admitted for the night because this little munchkin was having a disco, so the midwives couldn’t tell if he was happy or distressed with his heart rate being all over the place! I spent the next day pacing up and down the room (I was the only one left in it at this point), sitting by the window watching the car wash across the road and bouncing on the ball, so you can imagine my relief when at tea time the midwife came to tell me there was finally a bed! 

So, my waters were broken and just over 3 hours later I was suddenly a Mummy of two Munchkins. I come from a family of all girls so although I never knew or minded what sex my baby would be, I don’t think I ever imagined I would ever have a boy. He’s now 2 weeks old (wow that went by so fast) and I still can’t believe I have a little boy! 

Munchkin1 absolutely adores her new baby brother. She insists on holding him and snuggling him all of the time, as well as stroking his face, his hair, his feet, etc. She even sings to him. I don’t even care that its basically the same lyric repeated over and over again because its sweet and it melts my heart! 

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I You Are” (on repeat for around 2 minutes)

Bringing home a new born baby again has bot only been magical, but it has also made me realise just how much my little girl has grown and developed. She all of a sudden appears bigger, heavier and more grown up than when I last saw her before going into labour… and that was only an hour before! But she still is and always will be my baby girl. I tell her this every day and I’m usually given the reply “I’m not a baby I’m a big girl” followed either by a laugh or a “hmmmfff”

Munchkin1 is such a big help aswell. She passes me the things I need when changing nappies or feeding, etc, and helps me choose Munchkin2’s clothes for the day. Of course I have to keep a close eye on her as she can try to help too much! She’s always trying to wipe his mouth with the muslin square even if he doesn’t need it wiping; and she has wasted so many cotton wool balls when I’m washing him as she keeps dipping them in the water to drench one bit of his cheek, only to do that same bit again with the next one. And I must look strange to passers-by as I walk next to a drunk looking pram appearing to push itself along the path! 

Today is the day that Daddy Munchkin is back at work so we will find out at the end of the day whether or not I can survive on my own! Watch this space….

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