Don’t worry Mummy!

As a person who worries about anything and everything, I didn’t think that it was possible to worry any more than I already do. Until I had a baby! “Is she too cold?” Five minutes later – “Oh I don’t want her to get too hot now!” “Is she breathing” “Is she putting on weight” 

So when I was expecting another baby I made the same mistake of thinking I couldn’t possibly worry any more than I already do as I have been through it all before. Wrong again… “Is Munchkin1 going to fall on him?” “Is she hugging him too tightly?” “Am I giving her enough attention?” And because unlike his sister Munchkin2 was born in the hot weather – “Is he going to melt?” Then he started to get a spotty face. Now his sister was the same with baby acne when she was his age and she then developed a very sore looking dribble rash under her chin, but Munchkin2 went from having a few spots on his face to having them all over his head and spreading down his neck. The health visitor told me it was probably just his hormones that were to blame and prescribed some Epaderm to apply regularly. I dont know whether it’s the Epaderm that has helped or the fact I’ve been keeping him with just a nappy on for the warm weather (or maybe both) but it is now looking so much better. 

Just to make me worry that little bit more about him we’re also having a bit of bother getting a clear hearing test result. You may already be aware that just after birth babies have their hearing checked (usually whilst you’re still on the ward) but for our little man the device they use didn’t receive a clear signal back when they tested his ears. We were asked to return a few days later to get it done again as it may have just been congestion from the birth, yet after many attempts the lady only just managed to get a reading from his right ear. So the other day I took him to an appointment where they could test his ears using slightly more advanced equipment and yet again they had trouble getting a clear result, only just managing to get something from his right ear. At this point I was getting very anxious as I waited for the other test room to be available as we had been there an hour already and my Mum was sitting in the waiting area with a fast asleep Munchkin1 sitting on her knee. Unfortunately we had to wake her due to her having a little accident and soaking herself and her Nanna’s dress, but she was such a good girl behaving whilst I went to the other room. Anyway, we finally started to get a result from his right ear with the even more advanced piece of equipment (which means sticking pads and wires on his head.. don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds) when he started to wake up. And then he proceeded to fill his nappy whilst impressing the audilogists with his powerful sound effects. And then of course this meant he had now emptied his tummy and needed a good feed. So we still don’t have a result from the left ear, there’s a ‘maybe he has a minor problem’ for the right, and we now have another appointment to attend at the end of the month where hopefully we will finally know. 

I know he can hear things.. he jumps at sudden, loud noises and he turns when he can hear me. But its just the not knowing of whether or not he will have difficulties hearing. If I know there’s a problem then I can deal with that, but it’s the waiting around not knowing anything that makes me most anxious. 

I’ll always worry, it’s just a part of who I am. It’s also a part of being a Mummy. We wouldn’t be Mummies if we didn’t worry about everything. So don’t worry about worrying all the time all of you lovely Mummies, you’re all doing a super job! 

          Mummy Times Two

7 thoughts on “Don’t worry Mummy!

  1. Sending so much love to you. Waiting for test results is so hard, we have had lots of them this year and you are so right not k owing is the worst part. I hope you get some conclusive answers soon #PostsFromTheHeart


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