Tiny Kittens

Munchkin1 has such a fantastic imagination, I love just sitting to watch and listen to her. I’ve mentioned her friends the ‘Tiny Kittens’ in an earlier post, and they are apart of our daily shenanigans at least once a day. They can be very mischievous these kittens! It can take us a while to walk to the shops because the kittens are running away and not listening to Munchkin1 as she shouts for them to come back, with one hand on her hip and the other with a finger pointing at them furiously. Whilst at an appointment when I was pregnant the midwife gave her the empty cardboard tube from the tissue that she covers the bed with, and Munchkin1 was so excited. That walk home was one of the longest as she kept stopping to look through the tube like a telescope and shouting “Oh no, my kitten stuck in a tree!”. The tiny kittens like to get stuck in trees on a regular basis, which means I’m quite often seen randomly jumping and reaching up to grab thin air as I’m instructed to help rescue them! Sometimes they take my seat and I very nearly sit on them, until I’m suddenly told “No No, Tiny Kitten sitting there” by a very concerned Munchkin1. 

It can sometimes take quite a lot of persuading her to go and play by herself if I’m feeding her baby brother or I need to get something done, I’m always trying to encourage her to do it more often by suggesting things like ‘your baby looks hungry’ or ‘are you cooking in your kitchen?’ So I love it when she does just go off by herself and let her imagination run wild. 

Above: Tiny Kitten. No I don’t see it either…

Speaking of wild, she loves to be an explorer with her frog hat she purchased in Rhodes last year and her little backpack. “I’m off on andventure” she says, and then tells me goodbye with a kiss before wandering into the kitchen and returning 30 seconds later with a chirpy “I’m back!” 

 It can be a little tricky on her adventures as she often has a lion or a snake coming after her, but it’s OK cos she always manages to get away. This game can be very useful for the times the tiny kittens are taking too long to come out of their hiding place and holding us up when we need to be somewhere. I just have to say “Quick there’s a Lion coming” and she suddenly runs to catch up to me with an excitable “aaaahhhhhhh”. 

And that brings me on to these things. I picked these up from the local Scrapstore and was going to see what we could create with them. Instead we just created things with our imaginations. The most popular game is to play pirates (this ones easy to play whilst feeding a baby) where we each use one as a telescope and talk to each other in pirate language. Usually the game sounds like this “Ahoy there matey give me my treasure back” “No it’s my treasure”, but there was one particular game that didnt last very long…

“Argh matey. I see a monster amongst the sea!” (Delivered in my best pirate voice) 

Munchkin1 looks through her telescope “No it’s alright, its just my kitten!” 

Honestly, those bloody kittens!


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