Mmm… baby!

Why do I want to eat my children?

Don’t worry I’m not going to, I may have a few screws loose but I’m not crazy! Yet with both of my munchkins I have very sudden urges to just gobble them up whenever I smell their sweet scent. It’s stronger with Munchkin2 as he is a baby, a very delicious baby, but I do still have moments where I look at Munchkin1 and want to eat her too. Every night before I go to bed I go to check on Munchkin1, to tuck her in and to give her a kiss on her cheek; but as I walk into her room and see her gorgeous little face and smell her (weirdly) lovely smell of sweaty head (don’t judge me for that one, I know it’s odd), all I want to do is squeeze her and devour her.

According to Dr. Google it is very normal and healthy for mothers to act in this way. Apparently the physiological response is similar to what a hungry person experiences when presented with a delicious meal and the desire to eat your own young is part of an evolutionary bonding mechanism. Some reports also claim that it is a good thing as the desire to eat or pinch your baby is similar to crying tears of joy and these opposite emotions are supposedly meant to restore emotional balance.

Way to go Mother Nature, help us to bond with our beautiful new babies by making us want to have them for lunch!

Look at those scrummy toes!

So I asked Munchkin1

“Can I eat you?”

(Smirks at me) “NO! You eat your tea!”

She regularly tries to eat me though. Especially when she gets out of the bath and I wrap her Dragon towel around her, she dives at me with a “yum yum yum” and pretends to swallow me whole. Munchkin2 pretty much does eat me when he’s rooting whilst I’m trying to burp him and all he can find is my chin or my cheek, but latches on anyway. Though that’s not the same as me actually wanting to take a bite of one of their scrummy looking toes, or their cute little noses. 

Do you have these sudden desires to devour a delicious smelling baby? 

Twin Mummy and Daddy

5 thoughts on “Mmm… baby!

  1. Although I’ve never had the “eat the babies” feeling, I am totally with you on the pinching. Every now and again, I get an urge to just squeeze – I never actually pinch them, but I’ll give them a squeeze and say “OOOOOOOH, I love you!” It is funny, because now, my Buggie (Baby #2), squeezes me back and says, “ooooooooh!” Then there is usually a head butt involved – wow – when I type it all out, we sound pretty violent! Thanks bunches for sharing – I really enjoyed reading this post!

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  2. There is something very special about babies and yes I could probably eat them too haha Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    Liked by 1 person

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