Munchkin Love

The way Munchkin1 loves her new baby brother is so beautiful to see and truly melts my heart. She’s constantly asking to hold him, always going to see and talk to him and even sings to him. And as he has developed over the past 5 weeks, discovering his surroundings and learning to recognise us, he has already bonded with her. When she talks or sings he turns to her and instantly seems so relaxed in her company. He now focuses on her when she’s near (when she’s not too close that she’s tickling his nostrils with her hair) and just this week he has really started to smile at people, especially his big sister. 

She loves holding his hands and kissing his face.
Of course I am still really wary of her being around Munchkin2, particularly because she’s only 2 years old and is still learning herself about life and the world around her. She can get in his face a bit too much and if I turn my back for even just a second she pokes her fingers in his mouth or tries to hug him so tightly she’s almost restricting his movement. She’s always wanting to help with him, and although it’s very cute it can sometimes cause more difficulty rather than her actually helping me. When giving him a wash Munchkin1 tends to grab cotton wool pads one after the other, dipping them in the water and without squeezing enough water off proceeds to continuously wash the same spot on his face and creating a puddle on his mat. Then there’s the times she decides to check his nappy for me whilst I make myself a drink or pop to the loo (I’d like to add here that speed weeing should be an Olympic sport) and I return literally seconds later to find her grinning, proudly telling me “Baby brother done a poo”. Meanwhile Munchkin2 appears to be tap dancing in said poo and painting his legs with it. 

Although she loves her baby brother a lot, Munchkin1 can get a little jealous at times. If I’m sat feeding him and she would like me to play with her she will ask me to put him down, but then doesn’t quite grasp the fact that once I’ve got him to sleep and laid him down in his moses basket then she really shouldn’t stroke his face (I say stroke, toddlers pretty much slap and drag) or peel his eyelid back announcing “Mummy he’s awake”! Toddlers don’t really understand how to be gentle but Munchkin1 does try her hardest and she regularly reminds myself or Daddy Munchkin that we need to be gentle. 

She’s such a protective big sister too, and a proud one. She will be very quick to tell people she has just met that this is her baby brother, and will be even quicker to tell someone not to touch or hurt her baby brother when she’s wary of them. And considering she told us the other morning “I want another baby brother next week” I think it proves just how much she adores him. 

It makes me really excited to watch their relationship grow and see how it develops, I hope they continue to be really close. 

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