Munchkin says… #2.

Mummy what animal am I?

Are you an elephant? No. Are you a gorilla?No I’m not gorilla. Are you a fish? No not a fish. What noise do you make? Mooooooo! Oh you’re a cow! No not a cow. Well what animal are you then? I’m a squirrel! Silly Mummy.

Yes. Silly Mummy. 

So, after the fun I had writing Munchkin Says a little while ago, as well as the feedback I received from those that have read it, I decided to write another one. I may even make it a regular post on my blog, Munchkin1 certainly gives me enough material to use every day to be able to do so! We’ve been trying to get her to say some famous catchphrases and her responses have been brilliant:

“Say I am Groot!” 

*Looks at us like we’re strange* “I’m not fruit!”

“Say get to the Chopper!” (Said in Daddy’s best Arnie accent)

*giggles* “Get to chooper”.

When we laugh at moments like these, Munchkin1 instantly finds it hilarious and wonderful that we’re laughing and begins to repeat what she has just said to make us laugh more. It works of course, it’s so cute. Speaking of which, that is one of her most favourite things to say at the moment, “Aw it’s so cute”. She uses this phrase to describe pretty much anything, even a bogey can be cute apparently! 

Strawberry picking one weekend. She kept shouting excitedly “This one’s massive!”
The other day she was given a Little Live Pets birdcage toy. The Mummy bird records your voice and plays it back to you which Munchkin1 found most amusing. I started to realise it may have been a bad idea letting her take them to bed with her when I heard “I’ve done a big poo” on the monitor over and over again, followed by laughter. 

It’s nice to see her talking with her toys for a change though, most of the time it’s her toes. Yes you read that right, she talks to her toes. Or rather she pretends they are talking to each other. This can be a little confusing whilst I’m driving the car and I answer her when she calls “Mummy”, only to then realise it’s the right toe talking to the left.

There are many more words and phrases that Munchkin1 has picked up from others too. Sometimes Daddy or I might say “Come on, chop chop” if we need her to get moving, but if she ever says it then it is “Come on Chip Chop”. At bedtime one night we were reading Dear Zoo, one of her favourite books. Everytime I indicated for her to lift the flap to see which animal was underneath she was rolling her eyes and sighing at me “Huh, not again”! And then there was the time when Daddy asked her why the floor was wet (she had kicked the top and tail bowl over earlier). She kept looking away and avoiding the subject so he asked her again to receive the reply “Give me chance Daddy!”

As I’ve mentioned before in my post Tiny Kittens, Munchkin1 has an amazing imagination. I was putting the washing out the other morning when she came up to me….

“Mummy I’m back!” “Where have you been?” “Been to get my nails done.” “Ooh can I see them?” “NO.” “Why?” “They’re very special.” “I wont touch them i just want to see. Wow theyre amazing!” “Yes they’re very special.” “How much were they?” “Hmm?” “How much did you pay the lady to do your nails?” “£50”

This next conversation was when I was feeding her baby brother and she came running over with her arms waving at me quite frantically. 

“We have to go see the animals. Right now!” “How much is it to get?” “£50!” (Why is everything £50???) “£50? That’s very expensive!” “Yes. And we have food for animals.” “We’re feeding the animals too?” “Yes.” “So we have to pay £50 to see the animals and we have to take our own food to feed them?” “Yes. We have to go. 50 times!” “This all sounds very expensive.” “We have to go. Now!” “Ok. How do we get there?” She looked at me strange here. “Through the door!”

There’ll be another instalment of Munchkin Says very soon. For now I need to try convince Munchkin1 that she doesn’t need to pull her tooth out for the tooth fairy!


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