The joy of vaccinations

I’m currently sitting on the sofa staring at the beautiful face of my sweet little baby boy as he sleeps after his feed. I daren’t put him down just yet for fear of upsetting him again. You see, this morning we have been for his 8 week injections and I feel like such a mean Mummy.

 I allowed a strange lady to jab my poor baby 3 times in his legs with a sharp, painful needle and made him sob his little heart out. Of course I cried, when do I ever not cry these days? My Mummy hormones set me off crying at everything anyway but as soon as I hear that ‘I’m in pain’ cry they go haywire. And then it’s 10 times worse still if I’m the reason he’s in pain. I know I’m not exactly the reason he’s in pain but I took him there and gave my permission for him to have them done. I also know that it’s to help him build up his immunity against some nasty illnesses and that he won’t remember them being done, however that doesn’t change how I feel about him being upset. Daddy Munchkin is off work this week so I passed Munchkin2 to him because I didn’t want my baby to think I was a nasty Mummy. I know how daft that sounds because he’s only 8 weeks old, yet that’s what Mummy brain does to you. 

It was bad enough when Munchkin1 had her vaccinations two years ago, though that was only two injections at one time. For Munchkin2 there were 3 because of the added Meningitis B vaccine. Don’t get me wrong I know it is a very serious illness and it’s good for him to be protected against it, I just feel bad for him that he has to be jabbed 3 times with what seems like a never ending list of live strains of illnesses. All those little bugs being injected into his tiny little body, it just makes me feel awful for him. 

A day of Mummy cuddles for my boy

Before I received the appointment through the post we were already booked onto the baby massage course half an hour after. We still went to it because I didn’t want to miss any of the sessions and I thought it would help him feel relaxed again (me too of course), and it did seem to. He had been dosed up on Calpol (the advice given was to give some straight away) and was quite chirpy, babbling away to me as I massaged his arms, only occasionally getting a little upset and needing a bit of a feed. It was when we were home an hour later that he started to feel off and needed constant cuddles from Mummy or Daddy. 

Munchkin1 spent a few hours with Nanna whilst we were at the Doctors and baby massage, etc. She’s so protective of her baby brother that I think she would have cried more than me if she had been with us. She loves him so much it is really sweet. We warned her not to bounce on the bed one evening before bedtime in case she landed on Munchkin2 and we would have to take him to hospital. She instantly became extremely concerned and cried “NO he’s my baby brother. I want to keep him!” It then dawned on us that she thought we meant we would take him back to where he came from. 

 Just before we went to pick her up, Nanna phoned to inform us that Munchkin1 had accidently set off the mobility scooter whilst sitting on it waiting for Nanna to close the garage door and bumped it onto the fence. I say bumped, this is the fence now…

 Apart from being frightened by what happened, Munchkin1 was perfectly fine! I think Nanna was a bit upset with herself for forgetting to take the key out but it wasn’t her fault, these things happen unfortunately. Munchkin1 has been told many times not to touch the lever on the scooter so this might make her realise not to touch it now. 
Back to Munchkin2. He hasn’t really settled all day, unless he has been cuddled. I don’t mind so much, I love cuddles with my babies, but sometimes I need the toilet or a drink. Sometimes I need the feeling in my arm back. I’m hoping that because he needs a good sleep, once he’s had his last dose of Calpol he might sleep in his crib a good few hours. It is a next to me  crib though so I can always bring him across for a cuddle if needed. 

This is the part of parenting that I really hate, but I know it has to be done. Only two more lots to look forward to! Sigh…


6 thoughts on “The joy of vaccinations

  1. It’s so hard isn’t it, taking them to something you know causes pain. Their little face when they look at you like, “You knew Mamma!” Feel so terrible. My youngest actually has fits sometimes after injections so I always dread the experience! #coolmumclub xx

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  2. Oh they are a necessary evil aren’t they? The pre-school ones are the worst as it’s two in an older child who is much more knowing. Top tip for that – take a toy ready to produce straight after to cheer them up! Glad there was no real injury from the accident (well, other than that fence!)
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub – have a fab summer

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  3. I hate those needles with my children oh dear look at that fence great read Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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