Baking with the Munchkin

Munchkin1 baked some buns yesterday  (with supervision from myself obviously) so here is her step by step guide.

Chocolate Chip Buns

  1. Mummy weighs out the butter and softens it slightly in the microwave, then she weighs the sugar.
  2. Pour the butter into the bowl with the sugar and mash it together with a big wooden spoon (Mummy calls it creaming, I told her it’s not cream it’s butter, silly Mummy). 
  3. A strange man turns up with big boxes of food. Carry on mashing whilst Mummy unpacks the boxes, and tell the man that you like bananas. 
  4. Attempt to crack an egg on the side of the bowl because, like you keep telling Mummy, you can do it all by yourself!
  5. Get annoyed that the egg isn’t working and ask Mummy to do it. And the other egg too. 
  6. Stir the eggs into the butter and sugar mixture with the big wooden spoon. 
  7. Spot the pot of princess sprinkles on the table and eat some as Mummy carries on mixing.
  8. Tell Mummy to hurry up.
  9. Use a normal spoon to scoop flour out of the bag and into a bowl on the scales until Mummy says “Stop”.
  10. Tip the flour into the sieve that Mummy is holding over the bowl with the mixture in.
  11. Use the big wooden spoon to stir it in. Look at Mummy strangely when she says it is called “Folding”!
  12. Pour half a bag of white chocolate chips into the mixture.
  13. Eat a few out of the bag.
  14. Ignore Mummy when she says only half the bag and pour all of the milk chocolate chips into the bowl.
  15. Eat the ones that missed the bowl.
  16. Give it a big stir with the big wooden spoon. 
  17. Help yourself to the sprinkles again.
  18. Place bun cases into each hole on the baking tray.
  19. Using a small spoon, scoop the mixture into each bun case with Mummy’s help. 
  20. Pick out a few chocolate chips as Mummy fills the rest of the bun cases and eat them. 
  21. Watch Mummy as she puts the tray into the oven.
  22. Ask Mummy every 30 seconds if you can put sprinkles on them yet.
  23. Suddenly realise the buns are out of the oven and ready to decorate. Grab the sprinkles.
  24. Tell Mummy to hurry up with the icing. At least 20 times.
  25. Help Mummy put the icing on. Put a few sprinkles on one bun. 
  26. “Accidently” pour a few sprinkles on the table and tell Mummy they’re dirty so you have to eat them. 
  27. Sigh at Mummy when she tells you to put the sprinkles on the buns instead of in your mouth.
  28. Leave them for the icing to set.
  29. Ask Mummy if you can eat them yet. Again, at least 20 times!
  30. Finally, choose a bun to eat. Immediately eat the sprinkles from the top.
  31. Have 2 bites of the bun.
  32. Give the bun to Mummy and tell her you don’t like it.
  33. Wait at least an hour before asking for another bun.

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