Where have I been?

I’ve been quiet for a while haven’t I!

A lot has been happening the past few weeks, and whilst they’ve mostly been good things it has still been quite a lot for my anxious mind to cope with. I should have written it all down on here to help get some of it off my chest, after all that’s what I started the blog for, and I really wanted to write it down; but my mind has been so full of bits and pieces and various stresses that I’ve really struggled to find the words to describe it all.

Now we have two little Munchkins in the house we really need more space, so we have put the house up for sale. I say it’s because we have two children now but what I really mean is that we need more space for the accumulation of toys! Toys are like a virus that you can never cure; whenever you sort through them and have a good clear out, more magically appear! Worse still is when your child clocks the ones you try to get rid of (no matter how hard you try to hide your intentions) and suddenly decides they want to play with them for the first time in months/years. Trying to keep on top of the housework with a crazy toddler and a hungry baby is a task in itself, but trying to keep it looking clean and tidy for viewings is exhausting! When you think about it, it sounds daft that you drive yourself mad frantically cleaning the place to try impress complete strangers, who probably spend no more than 10 minutes having a look around and decide it’s not right for them. I don’t mind that the house might not be what they’re looking for, but some people give bizarre reasons for not liking it! The best part is that my daft hormones are making me feel sorry for my house because nobody wants it yet! I remind my house every other day that I love it and have loved living here but we really need a bigger house now. Yes I talk to my house like it can hear me!

Munchkin1 has expressed her excitement about moving to a new house and having a new bedroom every time we talk about it, she has even told us that we need a bigger house “like Grandma’s”. Munchkin2 is far too young to understand these things so when I talk to him about it he just gives the same cheeky smile he uses for every chat we have. He’s a bit of a charmer my little man, everywhere we go he butters people up with his big, beautiful smile and his little excited jig!

So after making phonecalls, arranging valuations and cleaning like a mad woman ready for the pictures for the brochure, we got the house up for sale. And then a few days later I woke in the early hours feeling awful and with a horrible pain in my right breast. I immediately knew it was mastitis, and with being a breastfeeding peer supporter I knew that I should see a Dr as soon as possible, but I still tried not to think about it in the hope that it was nothing and would pass. By the afternoon my fever was getting worse so I rang 111 and with it being a Sunday I was advised to go to the out of hours surgery. Luckily it was empty when I arrived so I was in and out very quickly, armed with a prescription for antibiotics. I then spent the evening wrapped up in my dressing gown and two blankets on the sofa, unable to stop shivering. I even went to bed with my dressing gown and thick bed socks only to wake an hour later burning up like an oven. Even though it was painful to feed Munchkin2, it was also so relieving as it eased the pressure off each time. My fever passed within a day but it took me a little while to feel 100% again. I can always tell when I’ve been very poorly because I lose my appetite and lose weight, and although it’s always nice to lose a few pounds it’s a bit concerning losing 6lb in less than a week. The antibiotics must have caused Munchkin2 to feel a bit off aswell because he lost some weight too, but don’t worry, we both returned to being chunky monkeys again!

Well, I hope that has explained a little about why I’ve been quiet for a while. There were a few other life stresses along the way too, but some things don’t need to be shared. I’ll be back very soon I promise, I need to write all the fun things and I have a page full of quotes for another episode of “Munchkin Says”!

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