Eureka! Our mini holiday – Day 1

Due to us having a busy year so far (Baby no.2, house up for sale, christening to arrange, etc) we havnt been able to have a holiday this year. We have always talked about going to visit Chester Zoo, especially since watching about it on TV, so we decided to make a mini holiday of it and stay for 2 nights in a nearby Premier Inn. The journey from our house was just over 2 and a half hours by car, so with us needing to stop to feed Munchkin2 (and toilet stops for Munchkin1) we broke the journey up and stopped halfway at Eureka Children’s Museum in Halifax.

Munchkin1 was so excited to arrive despite not knowing exactly what it was, and I was excited as I had never been before (much to Daddy Munchkins surprise). Munchkin2 was free so we paid around £31 for 2 adults and a toddler, and we were surprised to learn that once we’ve paid it is an annual pass meaning we can return as often as we like for a year. Daddy Munchkin said he remembers it being much bigger when he visited as a child but I reminded him that to a child everything seems huge until you grow up and realise it’s not. Saying that though, there was plenty to do and we spent a good few hours there.

We started off with the Sound Space area on the ground floor which Munchkin1 LOVED! There were instruments, musical activities and experiments, even some dressing up things.

We then sat down in the indoor picnic area to eat our lunch, which isn’t very big so I can imagine it’s hard to find a seat on busy days. There are other areas however, there are picnic benches outside and also a train carriage that you can sit in, aswell as the cafe which we didn’t try. After lunch we walked around the Living And Working Together area which is a child sized town square with shops, a garage, a house and a water fountain. We walked into the mini M&S store and I couldn’t help chuckling to myself at the sight. It looked like a scene from a post apocalyptic film because of the children shoving everything off the shelves into their trollies and running about with them noisily. I would have had a whale of a time if I was a kid again!

Let me fix that for you.

Munchkin2 was hungry again once we made our way upstairs, so after he took his teething frustration out on my face (OUCH!) I found a seat to feed him whilst Daddy and Munchkin1 went off exploring. I found them again in the About Me area having fun and laughing together. You can learn all about your body here, Munchkin1 liked the bit about teeth.

We then had a wander around the Spark Gallery where you can play with digital art and technology. Munchkin1 spent a good while having fun playing with the colourful light up magnetic blocks, whilst Daddy Munchkin and I liked driving the little robots around.

We had a look around the shop and bought a fridge magnet (it’s our thing to buy one wherever we visit) and Munchkin1 chose to buy some miniature plastic animals to play with. Walking back to the car we stopped to play in the big outdoor sandpit for a few minutes, Munchkin1 would have liked to play for longer but our parking ticket was about to expire. Surprisingly she then managed to stay awake for the rest of our journey to the Premier Inn in Chester, whereas her brother was asleep within minutes.

Munchkin1’s face when we arrived at the hotel was a picture, she was over excited at everything!

“Oh this is my bed. It’s my favourite!”

“Oh, that picture is for us from the hotel!”

“Oh! My new book. This is our new book Mummy! It’s my favourite book!” – She found the copy of the Bible in the room and hugged it!

We were worn out after our day at the museum and travelling so we just went across to the pub attached to the Premier Inn, named The Mill @ Upton, where the food was lovely. The novelty of staying in a hotel didn’t wear off for Munchkin1, in fact she was so excited about getting in the shower that she didn’t realise she needed to wee and made a puddle on the floor. Oops. Settling down for bed was fun, getting out of her bed every 5 seconds to turn the lights on and off, or to make sure her kittens were ok. Eventually both kids were asleep and in bed and we could relax before our busy day at the Zoo.

Or could we???…

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