Chester! Our mini holiday – Day 3

Yes! We actually managed to have a good night’s sleep in the super comfortable Premier Inn beds! Munchkin2 woke up for his feed at 4am, and other than waking to use the toilet at about midnight, Munchkin1 slept until just before 6am. Breakfast opened at 7am so we were there with rumbling tummies as soon as we were dressed! Afterwards we relaxed in our room for an hour or two, having showers and watching some TV, before packing up to check out and setting off to Chester City centre for a wander around.

Daddy Munchkin had done a little research the night before about where to visit and park, etc, and it was only a 5 minute drive away from where we were staying. We found our way to the car park Daddy Munchkin had chosen quite easily, but as soon as we had entered it felt really eerie. There was hardly any light inside and it was a little run down, but the strangest part for us was that whereas we’re used to driving up in multi storey carparks we were actually driving down to additional spaces. I’m not the biggest fan of lifts but the one we used in here was a little scary, especially as it was taking us underground!

Chester itself, however, was beautiful!

It reminded us both very much of York, which is a particular favourite of ours, mainly because it was the first place we visited together when we first started dating. Chester has a stunning scenery of cobbled streets, buildings from all different era’s, the River Dee flowing through the heart of it, and the original red stone wall surrounding the town centre that can be walked along. There are points along the wall that allow those with disabilities access to the top aswell. In fact we read online that Chester has won an award this year for being the most accessible city in Europe!

I bought us a map/guide from the tourist information shop so that we could find our way around and we set off exploring. We walked past the cathedral which stood magnificent and glorious in the sunshine.

We then had a walk to the remains of the Roman amphitheatre which in its day was the largest of its kind in England. Munchkin1 and Daddy walked into the middle and around the edges, whilst I stayed with Munchkin2 in his pram to read the information boards. Munchkin2 happily chewed on his monkey toy!

After this we went down to the River for a half hour boat trip. There’s also a 2 hour one but we knew Munchkin1 would get fed up on a longer trip. She was already starting to get a bit restless as she had woken up with a bit of a sore throat and croaky voice, so I had an inkling that she may be coming down with something. We still enjoyed the boat trip though! The sun was gleaming on the River and the sights were wonderful to see. We listened to a recorded tour guide that I found was easy listening and very interesting. Munchkin2 decided he was suddenly very hungry, so I had to feed him but it was comfortable enough.

Back on dry land Daddy Munchkin took Munchkin1 for a walk along some of the wall whilst I sat with the pram by the water, scoffing on sweets and people watching.

Once they returned we wandered through the Roman garden where we saw what was left of the Roman baths, and then we walked back up to the centre for a look around the shops.

Munchkin1 was becoming very tired and fed up at this point, constantly complaining of her throat hurting and wanting to go home, so we had a quick stop for some lunch and then decided to set off home earlier than planned. We could have spent the entire day having a wander around exploring Chester had she been feeling OK, but we could tell we needed to be heading home. As it was she became very upset in the car asking me for cuddles, repeatedly telling me she didn’t like it (her throat hurting) and asking for Calpol. We eventually managed to stop at some services (why are they so far away when you desperately need them and when you don’t there are tonnes around?) to give her what she needed. A dose of Calpol, a babychino and many cuddles later she was happy enough for us to continue our journey home.

It may have only been a 3 day break, but we very much enjoyed our mini holiday. We could have spent so much more time everywhere we visited, and are planning a longer trip next time.

You’ve been fabulous Chester! See you again next year hopefully!

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