Munchkin says… #3

Oh wow have I got some good ones for you this time! Munchkin1 never fails to crack me up, and some of the things she has been coming out with have been brilliant. In fact, she had just said one to me a moment ago when in the shower…

“I have beautiful hair Mummy!”

“You have got very beautiful hair darling.”

“Thanks, my grandma bought it for me!”

We have a big red blanket we use on the sofa that she loves to play with, and there was one particular occasion that she draped it around her shoulders and strutted through the living room. I asked her what she was doing, she replied

“I’m just being marvellous!”

Speaking of marvellous, one of Munchkin1s favourite games to play with me is pretending to do my hair and make-up then charging me £50 for it. The following is a standard conversation at the Munchkin Salon.

“What you want on your eyes Mummy?”


“OK. What you want on your lips?”


“Oh no, it’s broken!”

“OK. Erm… red please.”

“Haven’t got any red.”

“OK. Blue please.”

“Oh no, blue broken.”

“What colours have you got?”

“Ummmmm…. yellow.”

“OK I’ll have yellow please!”

“Oh no, yellow broken.”

“Are all of your lipsticks broken?”

“Yep! Oh I have idea, I have red.”

“OK. Red please.”

“OK. Oh no broken!”

“Pfffft… Do you have brown?”

“Yes! I have brown!”

The best part about these conversations is how she expresses herself with her finger in the air for “I have idea” and one finger on her chin when thinking. She also does hands on hips, finger wagging and arms out to the side with palms facing up in an “I don’t know” kind of way. She is also such a bossy little madam, it seems I can’t do anything without being told off these days.

“Stop singing Mummy!”


“It’s not for home!”

I’ve also been told singing is not for the car, the bathroom or the garden!

“Stop being bossy Mummy!”

“I’m not being bossy.”

*Glares and points her finger at me* “I mean it!!!”

That one is one of my favourites! And so is this next one…

“I’m a jar!” *freezes with arms in air and mouth wide open*

Munchkin1 is very much like her Mummy and loves Disney films, which I am ecstatic about! This means she also enjoys playing pretending to be some of the characters. Some of her most favoured ones to act out are Elsa and Anna (Or Yanna, as she pronounces it), Cinderella, and Ariel and Ursula (she says Little Mermaid and Sea Witch). When she does Cinderella it is at very random times. We can be absolutely anywhere, doing anything at all and she suddenly skips away with her arms in the air proclaiming “I have to go, I have to go!” For Frozen we have to take it in turns being either Elsa or Anna, where one of us has to freeze and the other pretends to cry “Oh no Yanna!” For Little Mermaid though she can just suddenly order me to be a Sea Witch but somehow decides that whatever magic I throw at her she can just dust it off! There was one occasion where she mixed it up with some Little Red Riding Hood, except the name she called it was hilarious.

” Mummy. You be the witch, I be the basket riding hunt!”

I actually had to say “I beg your pardon?” I think I must have continued laughing at that for at least an hour!

As you may have seen from my last few posts, we have had a mini holiday. So I’m going to end this post with a few Munchkin Says from the few days we were away.

In the hotel –

“Come on, we need to get dressed for breakfast.”

“I’m going as a naked baby!” *struts naked to door, grinning*

At Chester Zoo –

“I saw the elephant, the Daddy one. It’s giant! “

“It is giant isn’t it!”

*shouts* “They do giant poo Mummy!”

What do your Munchkins say? I’d love to know. Get in touch and I’ll feature some of them in the next Munchkin Says episode!

5 thoughts on “Munchkin says… #3

  1. What a little cutie and I was never allowed to sing in the car. Love it when they think and hands on hips too so sweet. Brings back a lot of memories #blogstravangzar

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