Happy New Year!

This time last year we had a just turned 2 year-old and were excited to meet our new little Munchkin in a few months time. This time we’re entering the New Year with a just turned 3 year-old cheeky little Madam, a 7 month-old happy, grabs anything in sight little man, and looking forward to moving to a new home in a few months time. It’s really strange because as a very anxious person I have never felt as calm as I do about the big changes this year will bring, although I’m sure that will change when it comes to actually moving! I probably feel so positive because my mind is focussed on something. I’m always explaining to Daddy Munchkin that when I have things to look forward to I am a much more relaxed person.

As well as moving home we also have our big girl starting nursery next week now that she has turned 3! I know she will be absolutely fine, I on the other hand will most likely be found sobbing my heart out into a cup of coffee! It will be so lovely to be able to spend some time with Munchkin2, as well as using nap time to get things done (or have a nap myself) instead of starting something and then having to stop again when Munchkin1 wakes her brother up by kissing him too many times. Cute yes, but very annoying after the first few times! I’m also looking forward to be able to go to groups with Munchkin2 like I did with his sister, as there is unfortunately so little I can take them to together. But I will miss her! It will be like losing my right arm. I mean, how else will I know that Munchkin2 has done a stinky poo without her loudly announcing it to me?

So anyway. New Year. Big changes. Exciting times ahead!

Happy New Year to you all xxx

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