The Curse of the Threenager!

You get pregnant. Everyone is excited. They tell you that your life will be full of joy, nappies and sleepless nights, but what they don’t tell you is what happens after the baby stage. Nobody tells you of the moment your sweet little baby transforms into something monstrous, something terrifying. The moment they become (dun dun duuuuun)

The Threenager.

Your three year old seems perfectly normal most of the time, but don’t be fooled. Their Mr Hyde is lurking around somewhere in that sweet little smile of theirs, waiting for the right moment to unleash the terrors of tempers and attitude. They can be happily playing with their new Lego set at the table one minute, and the next they can be launching it at the floor with one clean sweep of their arm because the little Lego person wouldn’t do as she was told and hold her ice-cream! You’d better hope at this point that nothing was broken as a result of this outburst, otherwise you will be receiving the full blow of the blame from a now psychotic little person. Don’t even dare to tell them to pick it up, because you risk being screamed at with an angry “NO!”, or worse still, you receive an angry raspberry being blown in your direction. A sour face and arms folded under their chin usually follow these scenarios.

Want your Threenager to get dressed? You need to ask at least 2 hours before you need to leave the house, no less than 20 times, and gradually build up from a polite but firm “time to get dressed darling”, to a “please get dressed” delivered through gritted teeth, ready to move on to full blown psycho mum mode after the 20th time of asking! But please be warned; full blown psycho mum is usually met with full blown psycho child before you finally get a fully dressed, tearful and sorry looking toddler asking to be friends again who wants to cuddle and kiss you. Also be warned, this pulls at the heart strings and makes you wonder why you got cross at such a cute, innocent looking little face and could also make you feel like you want more cute little faces running around… Don’t fall for it!!!

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