Life’s a happy song!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times already about how Munchkin1 loves to sing and dance, and to suddenly burst into song at any time, anywhere. And I love it! Probably because I also like to sing my way through life, and also probably where she gets it from! Try it sometime, it makes boring, tedious jobs so much more exciting if you sing your way through them.

I’m going to load the dishwasher!

I’ll put this cup up here, and that plate down there.

It’s even better coming from a young child though. It’s like your own showing of a West End Musical right in front of you, on demand! If any of you have ever watched the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Wow, that was many, many years ago) then this is how it feels; like you’re just going about your day when suddenly the music starts playing and there’s someone in front of you randomly singing and dancing about putting their socks on.

This morning was an extra special show. Dressed in pyjamas and bright red plastic play shoes, tap dancing on my bedroom floor. I didn’t even know she was there at first, I had walked into my room to get dressed and found our cat, Penny, (or Pest Penny as she’s known) sleeping in the cot on Munchkin2’s pillow. (He’s still in our room at the moment, but that’s a different story.) So I nudged the cat and told her off, and then heard Munchkin1 behind me asking

“What did Penny do Mummy?”

“She was sleeping in the cot, and she’s not supposed to!” I replied.

*arms out to the side as she spoke* “Cat’s make mistakes too!”

I then began to turn back towards my wardrobe, but the imaginary music started playing and the spotlight shone on Munchkin1 as she tapped her feet, wiggled her bum and pointed her finger, singing

“Sometimes Cat’s make mistakes.

Sometimes Penny sleeps on the pillow, sometimes she sleeps on my pillow,

But it doesn’t matterrrrrrrrrrrr!

She’s a cat. She’s our cat. And we love herrrrrrrr!

But sometimes, she. makes. mistakes!”

I heard the imaginary music stop with a ‘dum de dum’, and I felt the urge to clap my hands in applause, which prompted her to bow with a big, cheesy grin spread across her face!

And just like how singing my way through my day helps uplift my spirit, this does it for me too, even more so in fact. I really hope she never stops.

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