A perfect birthday!

We’re only a few weeks into 2019 and already it has been the best year so far!

This time last year we had just accepted an offer on our old house after months of waiting, and we were also in the process of buying a new one. What a long, stress inducing nightmare that then turned out to be! But here we are, 6 months onto living in our lovely new home, we’ve had a lovely Christmas with a living room finally big enough for the size of real Christmas tree that Daddy Munchkin insists on buying, Munchkin1 has turned 4 (seriously, how did that happen!?!?) And Munchkin2 now has a room of his own too!

Then comes my birthday, the big THREE-OH !! I remember being a 15year old thinking “Oh god I’m half way to 30!” And now I am 30 I think my 15year old self would be surprised to hear it’s actually not that bad!

I’d told Daddy Munchkin to take care of what we would be doing to celebrate my birthday, because I stress and worry about everything, so I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if I had organised something.I told him to surprise me and wow, did he surprise me! He took me out for a meal the evening before, surprising me by inviting some of my nearest and dearest to join us. It didn’t quite turn out how he had planned as the restaurant had lost our booking, but they arranged for us to eat where we had met for drinks and amazingly paid the bill for us too! It was an amazing night, not just because the food was free, obviously!

On the morning of my birthday my beautiful Munchkins gave me my cards and gifts, lots of cuddles and kisses, and I was still on a high from the previous night. When Daddy Munchkin said “We need to show Mummy her cake you made” he wouldn’t let me come into the kitchen to see it, I had to stay sat on the sofa. He helped Munchkin1 carry the cake and present it to me and it was beautiful!

Didn’t my beautiful little girl do a great job! Obviously with the help of her Daddy.

I was busy taking photos and telling Munchkin1 how lovely the cake was when Daddy Munchkin said

“Shall we show Mummy the back?”

Of course, I said yes!

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