Hi there! I’m Mummy Munchkin. I’m a red haired twenty-something Mummy to two wonderfully crazy Munchkins who are the main stars of this blog!

Munchkin1 aka Maria Von Trapp- 2 and a half years old, with crazy strawberry blonde hair that sometimes resembles Drop Dead Fred! Loves to sing and dance about everything, especially in the middle of a walk outside (hence the reference to The Sound of Music for her nickname). Has an amazing imagination; always telling off her imaginary ‘Tiny Kittens’ which are always up to mischief or getting stuck in trees!

Munchkin2 aka Hungry Horace – The newest addition to the family, only a few weeks old. Always attached to Mummy having a feast fit for a king, and if he isn’t he’s either making random snorting noises rooting for more food or pausing to make room for more by filling his nappy! Full head of fluffy red hair and little pixie looking ears which make him look like my very own tiny Peter Pan!

I started this blog because I wanted to reignite my love of writing and what better way to do it than to write down my memories of being a Mummy to these two beauties (who also drive me crazy)!! Hope you enjoying reading about our shenanigans just as much as I’ve enjoyed living them!